Drive by Kate Stewart

June 2, 2023

You know those times when you want to sit in front of a sappy movie or listen to a sad song with your favorite tub of ice cream and do nothing but have your heart ripped out, only to have it slowly mended back together? If that’s what you’re in the mood for, look no further! Kate Stewart brings her characters to life through triumphs and trials, then challenges them amidst painful circumstances, only to have them persevere most gloriously. It is brilliant! Drive is the first book of a three-book series, and it could be a great standalone novel. But honestly, it’s so much better when paired with the other books.

“Some people believe intuition is the sixth sense, a gift from the soul. And while I think that’s true, my theory goes a step further. Having your heart splintered heightens that sense. Because on instinct alone, you’re constantly looking for the pieces.”

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Drive Overview

TITLE – Drive
AUTHOR – Kate Stewart
RELEASE DATE – October 14, 2017
GENRE – Romance
SUBGENRE – Contemporary Romance
TROPE – Rockstar
SETTING – Small Town
SPICINESS – 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Drive Summary

Like a great playlist, Drive by Kate Stewart takes the reader through the ups and downs of Stella Emerson’s journey of self-discovery. Stella is a successful journalist who was in Chicago for an interview with a rap legend when she received a call from her best friend. On the phone, her friend says three simple words that bring Stella’s world to a halt. Through the playlist blaring from her radio, she uses the 20-hour drive home to reminisce on her life and how fate has played such a pivotal role.


Stella’s story is one of heartbreak and hope, of love and lust and longing. With two men in her life, each cherishing her lovingly but both so different, Stella had a decision to make. Knowing someone would get hurt, she follows her heart and makes the choice she was destined to.


Ultimately, Stella’s difficult decision becomes known, as do the secrets and scandals of her past. For more about Stella’s story and more Kate Stewart-induced heartache, Reverse is book number two in The Bittersweet Symphony series.

Drive Rating

Drive Review

BRILLIANCE! Complete and utter brilliance! Kate Stewart’s way with words is unlike any author I’ve read. She has a unique ability to rip your heart out, stamp all over it, and then piece it perfectly together again. Book hangovers are a real thing with K.S.


Before we get into the actual writing, we need to discuss the playlist that goes along with Drive. I found this playlist on Apple Music to go along with the book. You guys, if you have never read a book that has a song as a chapter title, do it and do it now! This aspect of the text created an entire experience, way more than just the words on the pages. I read each chapter, pause afterward to find the song in the title and listen. The song choice was perfectly chosen and brought the story to life. The writing is fantastic, but this brought out an entirely new way of reading. It’s so good!


Okay, onto the text and how amazing it is! What I love most is the way she develops the characters so well. Stella, Reid, and Nate are all described in a way that brings them each to life, and though we know heartache is coming for one or more of them, we can’t stop reading! Stella’s character is so strong and compelling that there is no need for a dual POV. Her voice is so captivating that it grabs your attention and keeps you anticipating her next move.


I enjoyed how the author kept Stella’s decision until the end of the book. While Stella’s choice could have revealed itself earlier and ended with a more dramatic and twisty ending, the book had the precisely correct amount of anticipation and finished beautifully. The suspense kept me on my toes, and the revelation adequately set up the story for the next book, Reverse.


I enjoyed how the book came full circle with the characters and how Stella ended up with her true love.


I’m a margarita-mixing, kitten-rescuing, plant-hoarding, pumpkin-spice-everything-obsessed, homeschooling book lover. You can pretty much always find me in my favorite chair, under my cozy knit blanket, with a good book.


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