Our Reviewing and Rating Process

When reviewing and rating books, we consider everything from the book’s overall theme, plot, settings, characters, point-of-view, language usage, and genre in which the book falls. Our book reviews are our own opinions and are not affected by the views of others.


Each of our book reviews includes book information; a brief plot summary; a review; and a final thought, including a rating.


Our rating structure is as follows:

Did not finish (DNF). The book could not hold our attention, so we can’t leave an accurate assessment. We will not always review one-star ratings.

Okay. The book leaves much to be desired regarding the overall theme, plot line, and character development. We will not always review two-star ratings.

Good. The overall theme makes sense but is only sometimes enjoyable; the character development needs improvement, the characters could be more likable, or the theme needs to be easier to follow. We will not always review three-star ratings.

Very Good. Enjoyable theme, but a common occurrence is the writing could be more descriptive, or the character development could be better. We will always review four-star ratings.

Great! The writing is intricate and precise, the characters are well-developed, the plot is well-thought-out, and the book’s overall theme is enjoyable and complex. We will always review five-star ratings!

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