Original Sins by Erin Young

June 20, 2023



I usually don’t care very much for police procedural books but this one honestly had me hooked from the beginning! Original Sins is the second novel by Erin Young, and is the second in a series featuring Police Officer-turned-FBI-Agent Riley Fisher. Fisher lives in Des Moines, Iowa and as a new FBI agent, she is tasked with hunting down and capturing a wanted serial killer. The twists and turns in this book are perfectly timed and keep the reader on their tos, and for this reason reason I really think you’ll enjoy this book!

"Multiply thy sorrows."

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Original Sins Overview

TITLE – Original Sins
AUTHOR – Erin Young
RELEASE DATE – February 13, 2024
GENRE – Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
SUBGENRE – Police Procedural
TROPE – Serial Killer
SETTING – Winter, Small Town

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Original Sins Summary

Amid a treacherous winter in Des Moines, Iowa, newly promoted FBI agent Riley Fisher is tasked with assisting in the hunt and capture of a serial killer. The Sin Eater, who has been in hiding for nearly thirty years, has re-emerged, stalking and striking women throughout the city. As with any new job comes new challenges; for rookie Riley, it is no different. While hunting for The Sin Eater, Fisher is bogged down by her demons and those among her colleagues. Riley often considers her Quantico and FBI training, but will this be enough to solve the city’s most futile case?

Original Sins Rating

Original Sins Review

Original Sins by Erin Young is dark, mysterious, and exhilarating! I kept finding myself unable to put the book down because of the right cliffhangers at the right time. Original Sins includes foreshadowing and along with its twists and turns, I was hooked! Riley is likable, and her complexities and abilities grip the reader in the best way possible.


Because Riley is such a complex character, I wanted become gripped by her on a deeper level, and I didn’t feel like this was achieved through the third-person text because we were unable to truly get inside the two main characters’ innermost thoughts. The book would have been much more intimate with a dual first-person point-of-view.


The ending had me longing for more, but I suspect more may come since this is Riley Fisher’s second appearance, her first being in that of The Fields by Erin Young, specifically regarding Erin’s potential romantic interest, Logan. Though the ending happened as it did, there was a lot of room for potential in Riley’s personal life that left the reader wanting more.


Overall, I enjoyed Original Sins by Erin Young.


I am so thankful to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC copy of Original Sins in exchange for my honest review!

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