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Book Review: Reverse by Kate Stewart

Natalie Butler is a journalist at her father's newspaper Speak. Natalie was tasked with searching through an email archive from 30 years ago to find articles to use for their upcoming anniversary article. In doing so, Natalie finds a suspicious email exchange between her father and Stella Emerson. When her curiosity gets the best of her, Natalie seeks answers to her many unanswered questions.  The key to finding the explanations she seeks lies in Easton Crowne. Easton…

I relate to Drive by Kate Stewart more than any other book I’ve ever read, in the best and worst ways. For those who don’t know, I used to live near Seattle, and before I met my husband, I dated a drummer through a long-distance relationship. So many of the scenes in the book brought out so many emotions I wasn’t expecting. Reverse is such an excellent book for setting descriptions and creating an atmosphere around the text. If you enjoy a rollercoaster of romance, you’ll want to read Reverse by Kate Stewart!



Holy sobfest! If there is one book I’ve ever read that brings me to my knees in tears, it’s this one. First, let’s talk about the playlist. Each chapter title includes a song title and artist. When reading Drive by Kate Stewart, I highly recommend pausing after the chapter and listening to that chapter’s song. Reading will take a bit longer, but the result creates a reading experience unlike any other. 

TIP: In chapter 19, play the song while the character places the earbuds in her ears. My goodness, it wrecked me in the BEST way!

Kate Stewart brings out her character’s personalities and challenges in such a way that makes your heart break, which is pure brilliance! Reverse brings you on a roller coaster of emotions, unlike any book I have read. Her characters are so intimate and loveable and wear their heart on their sleeve. As you read, you witness the shift in demeanor in each character while also getting to know them and becoming attached to them. Kate Stewart’s character development is among the best I’ve read.

Rarely does a sequel hit me as this one did, but damn, it wrecked me! I relate to the story in Reverse more than that of Drive, so I think this book and storyline are better. Drive is still a must-read, so you’re caught up on the story, and it’s a fantastic book, but this one blew all expectations out of the water. 

WOW! It’s all I can say.