The Best New Book Releases: June 20

June 20, 2023


This week’s best new book releases include a lot of thrillers. From popular authors such as Ruth Ware and Riley Sage, to newcomers, this week’s thriller selection will leave you on your toes and wanting more! For past releases, be sure to check out our full release list.

Zero Days by Ruth Ware

Gabe and his wife, Jack, are hired by companies to check their computer security systems, but when their assignment goes wrong, one night, Jack lands herself at the local police station. When she is finally released, she arrives home to find her husband murdered.


Being the wife and the number one suspect, she is brought in for questioning and pieces together her set-up. With her courage and determination, she decides to take matters into her own hands to find out who killed Gabe. Will she find the killer? Will Gabe’s death be avenged? Only the answers lie in Ruth Ware’s Zero Days.

Where Echoes Die by Courtney Gould

Beck Birsching is a brilliant investigative reporter. Though her brilliance is evident, so is her disturbance. Since her mother’s death, Beck has found herself daydreaming of happier times, so when a mysterious letter arrives in her mother’s handwriting, Beck and her sister follow the clues left in the letter.


The letter brings Beck and her sister, Riley, to travel to Backravel, AZ, hoping to find clues about their mother, but when they arrive, they are met with the unexpected. The dilapidated town and its unexpected inhabitants bring a connection to Beck, which she hasn’t experienced since her mother’s death. Will Beck pull herself out and find a way back to reality?

The Only One Left by Riley Sager

Fifty-four years ago, Lenora Hope killed her parents and sister in the infamous Hope’s End Mansion. Always claiming her innocence and never being convicted, her story became that of ghost stories and legends.


Presently, Kit is hired to be the caregiver to the now-elderly Lenora Hope. Hope, paralyzed all over except for the use of one hand, hopes to show Kit what happened to her family that fateful day back in 1929. Soon after taking the job, Kit begins to experience unusual circumstances in the family mansion and discovers the truth about what happened in the home.

Hotel Laguna by Nicola Harrison

In 1942, Hazel Francis left Kansas, hoping to find a better opportunity in California. During the height of the war, she landed herself a job at Douglas Aircraft, becoming one of many “Rosie the Riveters,” and helped construct bombers for the U.S. military.


But now that the war is over, Hazel refuses to be forced into the traditional woman’s role back in Kansas and stays in California, Laguna Beach specifically, working for a well-known artist. Through this work, she becomes a valued member of the community. Though she finds contentment in her daily rhythms, she never loses sight of her dreams of working with airplanes and is unsure if she should give her heart to her community in Laguna or her love of aircraft.

The Whispers by Ashley Audrain

Four families were having a great time during a backyard party until screaming was heard. The sound came from Whitley Loverly at the sight of her son, Xavier, who had fallen from his bedroom window. Now, sitting at his bedside while he is in a come in the hospital, Whitney pieces together what happened.


Narrated by four women close to Xavier, The Whispers explores the quiet sacrifices of motherhood, the intuitions that we silence, the complexities of our closest friendships, and the danger of envy.

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