The Best New Book Releases of July 2023 by Date

I’m so thrilled to be sharing the best new book releases of July 2023 with you because there are so many great books coming! Three of the books coming this month are in my top 10 of the year, if not top 5 because of how brilliantly written they are.


First, I will share my three favorite books from July 2023, along with a small summary, and then you will find the full list of best new book releases of July 2023!


Happy reading, fellow booktrovert.

The Space Between by Sarah Ready

Jace and Andrea. Andrea and Jace.


From the moment of their fate-filled first meeting in Central Park they’ve known one true thing—they’re meant to be.


Life doesn’t have many certainties but for Andrea and Jace forever is one of them.


Andrea Leighton-Hughes—shockingly wealthy Upper East Sider, a chess-piece in her family’s games since before she was born—knows what it’s like to hide behind a mask. Her world is one of lies, manipulation, and reputation. Jace is the first and only person to see who she truly is.


Jace Morgan knows the ugly side of life and he hasn’t always kept his nose clean. A musical prodigy from the Bronx, Jace and his brothers will do whatever it takes to climb to the top of the music charts. Andrea is the first and only person who has helped him play from the heart.
No one understands their connection. No one understands their love.


As Jace and Andrea struggle to stay together and prove that love defeats all obstacles, life sets out to prove them wrong.


What happens when two people promise forever, but life tears them apart? What happens in the time they aren’t together—in the space between?


An epic love story full of emotional depth, redemption, found family, and the belief that love can heal the world.




Come November

A historical thriller with a love story at its heart November 1947: Jeanne and John, two newspaper journalists, fall in young love as they travel from Chicago to New York to witness the momentous vote of the United Nations to partition Palestine and create the State of Israel. When they discover an assassination plot meant to swing the outcome, they must put their personal lives on hold and race the clock to stop it, uncovering elaborate details of international politics along the way.


Fifty years later, having gone their separate ways, the two reconnect in Italy. Set against a stunning pastoral backdrop, Jeanne and John relive those turbulent days together and explore whether their love has stood the test of time. International thriller meets operatic Italian romance in this intricate tale of love, politics, and misunderstandings. Come November is a celebration of history, family bonds, redemption, and second-chance love sure to please fans of thrillers and romance alike.


The Storyteller Of Auschwitz by

Auschwitz, 1942. ‘When this is all over, you will be able to tell the world what they did to us.’


Stumbling through the terrifying wrought iron gates of Auschwitz, Jewish author Etty Weil longs for her apartment overlooking the Seine, where she used to laugh with friends, her shelves full of records and her beloved typewriter by the wide window. Now she looks on in horror as a young girl, Danielle , is ruthlessly torn apart from her sobbing mother. Etty has always longed for the warm embrace of and trapped inside the maze of barbed wire, she takes fourteen-year-old Danielle under her wing and soon comes to cherish her like a sister.


Every evening, Etty tells Danielle stories, building a beautiful world of imagination and hope for Danielle to escape into. Soon, Etty realises that the other women in their cramped hut are listening too. She encourages them to share their lives, to talk about their darling children running around clutching their favourite toys, the love affairs they once had and the beloved family they’ve already lost. Etty must survive this terrible if only to keep her promise to these brave women that their stories will not be forgotten.


But the more hope Etty gives Danielle, the more chances the young girl begins to take with her life, rebelling against the brutal SS guards and forcing Etty to protect her. And one day, Danielle goes too far…



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