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Book Review: Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

January 2, 2023

“If she could rewind the timeline, untwist it and roll it back the other way like a ball of wool, she’d see the knots in the yarn, the warning signs. Looking at it backward it was obvious all along.”
– Lisa Jewell, Then She Was Gone

Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell Details

Title: Then She Was Gone Author: Lisa Jewell Publisher: Atria Books Intended Audience: Adult Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Suspense Mood: Dark, Mysterious Suspenseful Pages: 359
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Then She Was Gone Story Summary

Laurel Mack’s life fell apart when her daughter, Ellie, disappeared. Her marriage ended, her relationship with her two remaining children deteriorated, and she struggled to find her purpose. When, ten years after her daughter’s disappearance, police discovered remains, Laurel was brought forth with a mystery instead of the closure she had hoped for. Laurel unexpectedly found herself in a relationship with a man named Floyd Dunn, who had brought hope and happiness into her life. Upon meeting Floyd’s daughter, Poppy, Laurel was taken aback by the similarities Poppy shared with Ellie and began to form a bond with Poppy. Through self-healing, Laurel mended her broken relationships with her ex-husband and two other children, realizing she had taken her grief out on those who meant the most to her. Once Laurel had healed enough to see reality for what it truly was, the unmistakable coincidences encompassing her life were unavoidable, and she knew she had to pursue them. With Floyd’s help and many twists and turns along the way, Laurel eventually discovered what happened to her daughter, along with her daughter’s killer, and found the closure she needed.

Then She Was Gone Review

Then She Was Gone is the first novel by Lisa Jewell I’ve read, and I will be reading more! Though the twists and turns in Then She Was Gone were unpredictable and kept me on my toes, Jewell emphasized one particular plot twist too much, which ended up helping me guess a significant part of the story. Even though I had an inkling of what would happen, it was still unclear why and Jewell keeps us hanging on until the very end to find out.  Narrated from the third person perspective, Jewell brilliantly and eerily takes the reader through the thought process and dialogue of a killer and what it takes for someone to get to that breaking point. An intense, dark, and sometimes sad thriller, this is a book I recommend

Then She Was Gone Final Thoughts

If you like easy-read thrillers, I recommend this book! Its twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat and being such an easy read, it would be great for a beach day or an evening cozied up in bed.

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